Lego Brickheadz StarWars – The Mandalorian and The Child

I was extremely excited to see that Lego were going to bring out a Brickheadz set based on the Star Wars live action tv series The Mandalorian. This is a double Brickheadz set which features The Mandalorian and The Child. This is set 75317 and contains 295 pieces.

Starting with The Child, my Brickheadz character soon took shape.

I was impressed to see a couple of new bricks included in this set (I’ve not build any Brickheadz sets before so they might be common within this theme but I’d never come across them before within other Lego themes)

After about a half hour The Child was complete and sitting in his hoverpram.

My next task, to build The Mandalorian. Looked as though there were more bricks needed to build this part of the set, though still didn’t take too long before it was completed. Liked the look of the finished product with a rifle strapped to his back and a blaster pistol in his hand, and helmet detail printed on the front tiles.

With both figures fitting nicely on 6×6 baseplates, they’ll be a good addition to any display.

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Lego Minifigures – Food Characters

The food characters which have been introduced into the minifigures since series 13 always bring a smile to my face when I see a new one.

So far there have been six of these characters, so let me take you on a journey to see them.

Hotdog Man

Brought in series 13, he was the first one. With a traditional hot dog look about him complete with mustard and a minifigure head which has a great smile.

Banana Guy

Looking like the coolest dude on the block, he has been a fan favourite since being introduced in series 16. The moulded banana body has a banana worded print on the front, with the minifigure head having a great smile and sunglasses.

Corncob Guy

Looking like a more serious character with the moustache print on the minifigure head, he has a great moulded corn cob body, including the green leaves surrounding the yellow corn. Introduced in series 17.

Pizza Guy

Who doesn’t love a slice of pizza. This fun character was brought in for series 19. He has a pepperoni topping on his pizza shaped body and comes with a pizza menu accessory.

Peapod Girl

The most recent food character to be brought in with series 20. Two peas in a pod for the body shape and a cute minifigure expression on the face. Comes with an apple accessory.

Watermelon Guy

This character was brought in with the Lego Movie 2 minifigure series and easily competes with Banana Guy to who is the coolest minifigure character. He’s a brightly coloured character with a mainly bright pink body with white and green edging. His accessory is a small slice of watermelon.

These are all great figures and I can’t wait to see which food character will be introduced into thd series next. What food item would you like to be made into a minifigure?

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Top 5 Lego Minifigures Series 20

It’s always exciting for me when Lego release a new minifigure series, as it’s guaranteed to a have a few quirky characters in amongst the set.

Series 20 was released 1st May 2020. So here’s my Top 5 of my favourite minifigures from this set.

5. Martial Arts Boy

This figure made it into the top 5 as it reminds me a lot of my martial arts loving son. It has some great torso and leg prints, showing the figures black belt. Aswell as having head band print on the minifigure head. This figure comes with nunchuck accessories

4. Space Fan

I’ve always been a bit geeky when it comes to things to do with space, so this is the perfect minifigure for me. It has a retro Lego spaceship printed on the torso with space type print on the legs. The figure comes with a red baseball cap with the word ‘space’ emblazoned across the front of it. The accessories which accompany this figure are a wrench, a tile with a spaceship design on it and also a small spaceship with a NASA logo on it.

3. Llama Costume Girl

I have to admit that it was tricky to separate my top 3 from this series as I loved them all. This Llama costume minifigure has a moulded head for the llama and the minifigure face can be seen. The torso and legs make up the rest of the llama with print where needed. A carrot is the accessory which comes with this figure.

2. Peapod Costume Girl

I’ve always been a fan of the food type of minifigures in previous series eg Watermelon Guy, Banana Guy, Hotdog Guy, so I knew that the Peapod costume would be another one of my favourites. This figure has a moulded body in the shape of two peas in a pod with green torso and legs underneath it. It comes with an apple accessory.

1. Pinata Boy

This is a fabulous minifigure. The boy figure comes with short legs and has a Mexican style poncho covering the torso. A sombrero sits on top of the head. The accessory, obviously, is a Lego Pinata which is bright and colourful and the boy holds a stick to hit it with.

So there you have it for my Top 5. What do you think of it? Do you agree with my choices or have a favourite of your own?

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Lego Building Inspiration Needed

It’s bound to happen sometime, but I think I have a Lego mind block. I don’t know what to build! I always had a ideas of what I could attempt, even if only small things but my mind is empty at the moment, so I guess I’m having a temporary break until I think of some things. Things are so hectic at the moment by the time I fit work, a little home schooling, plus generally running a household and looking after a child, I don’t have as much time as I would like to play with Lego and create something. I’ve always been a bit of a minifigures fan, so I like to make them the main focus of any scene I build, but I need to think of some new ideas so that I can put them in. I used to get quite a lot of inspiration from going to Lego exhibitions, but due to covid-19, they’ve all been cancelled, including my favourite one which we go to in November, already gone, so sad. I’m hoping that my inspiration will appear soon so that it gives me some cracking ideas I can build on.

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Testing out Photo Editing

I have to admit that I’ve no official skills when it comes to photography, but I’m trying to learn. Luckily for me, there are some great apps out there which can add some zing to even basic photos. A lot of this is trial and error to try and get the look which you want. So, after a lot of testing things out, I think I’ve got the extras which I want.

Here’s the before and after of my first trial. To my original photo of a Lego minifigure, I’ve added a background to give the impression of sky, then in the foreground, I’ve added stickers to give the look of plants.

I’ve done similar with this next set of photos by adding a background to make it look as though the photo was taken outdoors, then added butterfly stickers. The light flare was created by using the editing tools on my phone camera.

Both of these end photos show what can be done with apps to make your photos more interesting without having to have a great deal of technical photography knowledge

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PS I hope you like the changes I’ve made to my website 😉

Let’s Go To The Lego Beach

As we’re still in lockdown, I’m constantly thinking about places to go once I’m able to. Last week, the beach was at the front of my thoughts, I can’t wait to head to a beach somewhere, get the sand between my toes again and if the sea is warm enough have a little paddle.

Lego is my outlet for these thoughts, so here is my little recreation of a beachside area, closest I’m going to get to a beach for the foreseeable future.

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